Foto relativa alla firma del contratto di collaborazione tra CNR, Finsiel ed Olivetti. Pisa, 10/04/1986


Pisa, site of the first chair of Information Sciences in Italy, thanks to its extensive scientific community made up of universities, CNR and schools of excellence, is the center from which the Italian Internet spread, the technology that has revolutionized more than any other else our habits, our customs and our lives.

On the world chessboard, where the Internet finally prevailed, the CNUCE Institute of the CNR of Pisa played an important role, with pioneering and fascinating projects. The first Italian connection to the Internet, on April 30, 1986, was only the last meter of an exciting race towards innovation and the future.

Torre di Pisa


From 1970 to first 90th, twenty year of projects about computers network to CNUCE.

Lombardia Piemonte

Networking is a computer science discipline born in the late sixties. This line of research studies systems consisting of computers that interact with one another by exchanging messages. The most famous of these systems is obviously the one on which all our communications travel today, namely the Internet.

The network we all use was established in 1969 in the United States and developed technically in the following decade to unite the whole world. However, as with many other scientific discoveries, a fundamental principle of research, common to many inventions, was also valid for this: there was not a single, ingenious discovery, but a complex of studies in parallel, of attempts and failures, of discoveries and changes of mind, all aimed at a single result.

The projects

The (reconstructed) archive of CNUCE

A good part of the history of the Italian Network and IT was lost or mislaid in the change of location of the area. After long and patient research involving the participants in the life of the Institute in those years, it was possible to reconstruct an archive with the most significant administrative documents of the time.







Esplora l'archivio