The project “The origins of Internet in Italy” was created to preserve the historical memory of the study of networking in Pisa.

In the first phase of the project we collected the many administrative documents that traced the history of the CNUCE Institute, from its birth within the University of Pisa to its later life in the CNR. The documents were digitized and put into the CNR Science & Technology Digital Library.

The rediscovery of some documents that we thought had been lost and the evaluation of the amount of material collected convinced us of the need to tell a more detailed story of the Institute and its research projects on networking. This is how this website and the docufilm came about. It was entitled “The origins of computer science and networking in Pisa: Prof. Capriz tells the story”.
The entire project was made possible by the synergy between the IIT Institute of the cNR and the University of Pisa.

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