Explore the (reconstructed) archive of CNUCE

    Most of the documents relating to the life of the CNUCE, which related not only the history of the Institute but a good part of the history of the Italian Network and IT, was lost or mislaid in the change of location of the area, which occurred in the early 2000s.

    Fortunately, after long and patient research involving the participants in the life of the Institute in those years, it was possible to reconstruct an archive with the most significant administrative documents of the time. These sanctioned agreements between the project partners, progress made etc. All the material collected was digitized and stored in the CNR’s Science & Technology Digital Library, in order to make it accessible to everyone.

    Users interested in consulting these in-depth documents, such as excerpts of minutes and working documents can directly access the CNR Digital Library using the following procedure:

    By means of the following box you can search for a word or phrase in all the digitized documents in our archive. The results that appear refer only to documents that contain the word (or phrase) you are looking for in your metadata.